Dental Fillings

Dental Filling Service

A dental filling is one of the most common procedures carried out by a dentist. They are usually required when a cavity or hole in your tooth needs to be filled. A variety of materials can be used for teeth filling. Your dentist can discuss the options and help determine the most suitable one for you depending on considerations such as cost and the severity of the cavity.

At Coorparoo Dental & Denture Clinic, our friendly, highly experienced dentists provide dental fillings in a comforting environment as part of our general dental services.

Getting a Dental Cavity Filled

When you get a dental filling, your dentist will use a drill and other tools to remove the decayed areas of your tooth. If needed, you can get a local anaesthetic to relieve any discomfort. Once any decay has been removed, the dental cavity is cleaned and dried, then filled with a filling material.

Types of Dental Filling

A white or tooth-coloured material that can be matched to your tooth colour. It looks more natural than amalgam Composite resin is best used for front teeth as they don’t last as long when used to fill back teeth, where there is more pressure.
It can also be matched to your tooth colour, but it may not last as long as composite resin. It is used in areas where there is not much biting force, and on baby teeth.
A mixture of metals including silver, copper, tin, mercury and zinc, amalgam is a very strong and cost-effective filling material.

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If you need a dental filling, our team of dentists at Coorparoo Dental & Denture Clinic will discuss the options with you and find the perfect treatment approach depending on your budget and any unique circumstances. We also provide specialised denture services in addition to general dental services and can refer you to a specialist for more complex dental issues.

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