Full Dentures

Custom Made Full Dentures

Full dentures are custom-made in a dental laboratory from detailed impressions that your dentist will take of your mouth. They are designed to make eating and speaking feel easy and natural, and give you a great, natural-looking smile.

What Are Full Dentures?​

At our Coorparoo denture clinic, full or complete dentures are recommended when no healthy natural teeth are left in the mouth to anchor a partial denture. They are made up of an acrylic flesh-coloured base topped by prosthetic teeth to achieve a natural look. The base of the upper denture fits the roof of your mouth and the lower denture is horseshoe-shaped to fit around your tongue for maximum comfort. ​

How Are They Fitted?​

There are two types of full denture – conventional and immediate. In both cases, any teeth or partial teeth remaining in the part of your mouth where the denture is to be placed must be removed in order for it to be securely fitted. Conventional full dentures are placed in the mouth when tissues and bone have completely healed from extractions. Immediate full dentures are fitted directly after teeth are removed. The benefit of this option is that you never have to be without teeth, but they will need readjustment over time as your mouth heals from the surgery.​

Healing Time for Full Dentures​

The time your mouth takes to heal will be different for every patient, but after 6-8 weeks any swelling due to the extractions should have gone down and by the time 6 months has passed your gums and bone should be adjusted to their new shape. Of course with a conventional/traditional denture, there will be no further healing time needed after fitting as your mouth will already be fully healed from any extractions. Read more about what you you can expect from wearing new dentures.​

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