Immediate Dentures & Relining

Immediate Dentures & Relining Service

At Coorparoo Denture & Dental Clinic, our immediate denture and relining services ensure that your treatment will be as comfortable as possible.

What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures refer to dentures inserted at the same time as your teeth extraction. They are a temporary denture which may be relined or remade to prevent pain after the healing process occurs.

The Procedure

The procedure will start with a consultation with one of our dentists, followed by an appointment with our experienced dental prosthetist. During the appointment, a set of impressions will be made. Once the denture is made, the tooth or teeth are removed, and your denture will be seated by your dentist. Please note, if your regular dentist is at another practice or clinic, we are happy to work with your preferred provider.


Not only do immediate dentures provide you with teeth immediately after the surgery, but they also help minimise swelling and control any bleeding. As such, they are highly useful for both cosmetic and functional purposes.


Over time, the shape of our mouth and your gum tissues will change. The general contours of the gums and bones underneath will shrink, which will cause your dentures to need adjusting. When dentures no longer fit as they used to, resizing and relining may be required. Additional appointments will be necessary to condition your tissues so your gums are able to properly heal.

The Procedure

As gums heal and shrink, a temporary reline will need to be performed. This will allow your denture to fit better and stop your gums from being damaged. This may need to be performed 2 or 3 times during the healing process. After 6 months, we recommend a permanent reline. Please note that in some cases, a reline is not suitable and a new denture may need to be made. We recommend that you have your dentures checked every 2 years – or earlier, if you have a problem – to ensure a continued good fit.

Immediate Dentures Cost

Our reception staff will be more than happy to provide you with a cost; please get in touch.

Your Denture Professionals

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