Implant Dentures

Implant Denture Service

Implants are an artificial replacement for the root of a natural tooth, usually made from titanium. Once they are in place they can provide a permanent and stable anchor to which a denture can be attached.

Denture Implants Procedure

Implants are usually placed in the front of your jawbone as this area tends to have more bone than the back of your mouth. The procedure involves an initial surgery to set the implants in place under your gums, and a second to expose implants once they have fused to the bone. The process can take between five and twelve months overall, depending on the area being operated on, the condition of your existing bone and many other factors. Your Coorparoo denture specialist will be able to give you an idea of how long the job will take based on your personal situation.

How Should I Clean My Implants?

You should remove your implant-supported denture for daily cleaning and they should not be worn overnight. It’s important to take great care when cleaning your implants as just like natural teeth, they rely on the tissue around them for support and stability. Your denture, the clips that attach to your implants and your own natural teeth and gums must also be gently and carefully cleaned in order to maintain good oral health. Many implant-specific cleaning products are available such as narrow brushes, interdental brushes and implant floss.

Can I Get Dental Implants to
Replace Dentures?

You sure can! Many people find traditional dentures just don’t work for them, and switching to implant-retained dentures can be life-changing because it restores the feeling of having your natural teeth. The only thing that needs to be checked before you can go ahead with implants is that you have enough bone to support them. If you already have a full denture, this can be retrofitted to work with your new implants.

Dentures or Implants?

The advantage of implant-retained dentures is that they offer an extra level of stabilisation and retention, as well as encouraging your jawbones to stay in good condition. Dentures mounted on implants won’t slip or move around at all in your mouth, so you can eat, talk and smile without having to worry about your denture moving.

Your Denture Professionals

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