It can be exciting and bit daunting getting new dentures. No matter whether you have partial dentures or a complete set, it’s going to take some time to get used how they look and feel in your mouth. As with anything new, they’ll feel different and perhaps awkward and uncomfortable while your tongue and cheek muscles adjust. However, within a few weeks, you won’t even notice they’re there.

The First Few Days

Wearing new dentures is a big change and it helps if you know what to expect as you get used to the new experience.

Your new dentures are custom-made for your mouth, but many people have sore gums for the first few days, especially if you have a full set of dentures. It’s important to visit your dental professional if you have a sore mouth and let them adjust your dentures to relieve the pressure and pain. It’s just as important to keep your new dentures in your mouth for the first few days to help you get used them, and to pinpoint any areas that need attention.

Your dental prosthetist will be expecting this and will be happy to help you, so don’t think you’re being a nuisance by revisiting a few times.

Learning to Chew

Learning to chew with new dentures takes some practice, so choose soft foods for the first few weeks and gradually add in harder foods as your mouth adjusts. Try to chew using both sides of your mouth at the same time to keep your dentures stable, and bite food with the sides of your teeth rather than your front teeth to keep them in place.

Learning to Speak

You’ll most likely find that your mouth feels overly full and you may have trouble speaking clearly. If you can, spend some time alone reading out loud to speed up the time it takes to get used to speaking clearly. You’ll identify the words and phrases that give you the most trouble and you can spend extra time practicing with them.

With time and patience, it will all come together, and you’ll be speaking as clearly as before.

Increased Saliva Production

You’ll notice that you tend to salivate a little more after your new dentures are fitted. This is normal and will get better with time, although it can be quite embarrassing. Carry water with you and drink it whenever you feel you have too much saliva in your mouth. This will also keep you properly hydrated.


In time, you will get used to your new dentures and have renewed confidence and self-esteem.

Coorparoo Dental and Denture Clinic provides full support when you have any concerns about your new dentures. We don’t just fit them and leave you to it; we’re here to advise and help you in any way we can.

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